Where Calendars are Calculated Mathematically & Astronomically

Iconoclastic Book of Calendars

This work of scholarship provides a mathematical representation of the Ephemeris calendar, examining the history of the world from the first day of Creation to the last year of A.D. 2013 – and calculates, mathematically and astronomically, the true and accurate day of the week. These calculations demonstrate, for chronologists and all who are interested in Biblical chronology, the history of the calendar – and thus of civilization from its earliest days.

Coulee Geology

Examining the hydraulic geology in the Grand Coulee region of Washington State and pinpointing the source of ancient floods, this book provides a reinterpretation of the famous Ice Age floods described by J Harlen Bretz – and uncovers a humongous, government-funded hoax. The actual explanation for the geological formations in the region lie in the “fountains of water” created during Noah’s flood, as told by John in Revelation.